B2B User – created in Business Central

  • From the Business Central RTC Home page –> click on eShop Setup card –>eShop Users Icon.
  • On the eShop User page - Click New to create a new eShop User

  • Enter the mandatory fields to create a user


User ID
Auto populates a unique series of numbers/letters
Email Address
This will be your eShop login ID as well

First Name
Enter your First Name
Last Name
Your Last Name
enter your password
User Type
Select Customer in this column
Enter the Customer number to which you will be associating the eShop User
EShop Enabled
Check this box to push the eShop User information and to enable the user on the website.

  • Click Publish. Once published the eShop Id field number will be auto populated.

To Test – go to the website and Click on the Login on the top left corner of your screen -> Enter your email address and password in the Returning Customer area. If a eShop user was created successfully, you’ll be logged into the site.