Mass Update from NAV to eShop 

NOTE - Please see attachment for Screenshots with Instructions

Instructions to run the Update Routine to mass Update Items from Business Central to website


  • To mass update –  Click on E-Shop One Click Install from eShop setup card.
  • In the eShop Upload tab - Select an option that you are trying to accomplish:

(I'm selecting Updating Items for example here)

  • Go to Items tab (the where condition defaults to all the fields in the Items card)
  • We need to check for 3 conditions to pull the right items to Publish onto the website.
  • Enter/Upload the Item Numbers
  • Check for the eShop enabled field to be yes
  • Check E-shop Category ID field is not blank. (for every Item we publish, we need to make sure the respective category is present in the Items Card)
  • Check for E-ShopID Field is Grate than Zer0 (For every Item we publish, we need to make sure that E-ShopID is greater than zero)
  • To Update Item    
  • In Where Drop Down Select “No”. In Text Box Beside Enter Item Number with Pipe Symbol separated
  • E-Shop Enabled from the dropdown and select Yes
  • Select E-Shop Category ID and enter   <>’’ in text Box
  • Select E-ShopID and enter in Text Box
  • Click “OK” to run the Insert Routine.